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The Professional Chef’s Association, Inc. (PCA), a professional, organization for chefs and cooks, was founded in 1997 by Walter Neuhold. Chef Neuhold began his career in Austria, then expanded his culinary knowledge by traveling the world. His travels lead him to cook for Pope John II, Queen Elizabeth, and former President Ronal Reagan, among numerous world leaders, movie stars, etc. His focus is of culinary excellence through the exchange of knowledge.

Professional Chef’s Association (PCA) | Culinary Salons & Competition

PCA Culinary Salons of Excellence & Trade Show

Join the PCA for our Culinary Salons and Food Competitions held annually in major cities across the U.S. Educational seminars, food competitions with more than $ 20,000.00 prize money as well as national, regional and local vendors.

Professional Chef’s Association (PCA) | Certification

PCA Certification

The Professional Chefs Association offers the required education courses to reach your certification goals. Our courses are completely online. This means you can take our courses wherever you want and whenever it’s convenient.

Professional Chef’s Association (PCA) | Gold Seal Certification

PCA Quality Gold Seal

Food, beverage and equipment certification by professionals. For our Food Industries’ Purchasing Directors, Chefs, Corporate Buyers — Representing the culinary elite; Expert opinion based on measurable criteria. The PCA Gold Seal Certificate is a coveted guarantee for performance!

Professional Chef’s Association (PCA) | Food & Beverage Consulting

PCA Food & Beverage Consulting Services

All of our PCA Experts have extensive experience and proven track records and are available to provide you with the expert advise that will make the difference for your bottom line!