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Find out how PCA-edu works. We are always available to help you with any questions!

  • What is the PCA-edu Info Center?

    The PCA-edu Info Center is a new family of products from the educational arm of The Professional Chefs Association; complete hospitality management courses available over the Internet. While receiving our high quality educational materials (that hospitality schools have) you will also benefit from the convenience and low cost!

  • How can PCA-edu help my career?

    You can expand your career options by building management skills, or learning the technical side of different operational areas within a hotel, motel, or restaurant. Increase your value in the job market by taking on new responsibilities that you learn from our program. Whether you’re looking to move up in the hospitality industry or you wish to learn the latest about a specific area in this field, the Professional Chefs Association stands ready to help! We offer a full range of practical, easy-to-understand hospitality courses to help professionals, like you, reach your goals.

  • Why is PCA-edu the best learning package in the hospitality industry?

    With our standardized programs, you can get the hospitality-specific education and training that the industry demands. This program will give you the tools to compete in our industry, all while at a low cost in the convenience of your own home! Earn your customer’s loyalty when displaying our Food & Beverage Gold Medal Continue to work while you take courses Neutral evaluations Learn on your own time No traveling to class (saves you time and money) Use materials that are easy to read and understand Gain recognition for the knowledge you already have Great competency tool.

  • How long does it take to complete PCA-edu courses?

    You can progress as quickly as you want without being tied up by classroom schedules. For your convenience, you are allowed UP TO 12 weeks to complete a single course. Individuals who allot regular study time find that these generous time frames permit them to work at their own pace while still fulfilling other obligations.

  • Do I have to buy a textbook?

    No. Everything you need to complete the courses and exams is available online.

  • How do I get Started?

    It’s simple, just sign up on the Registration Form and mail to PCA. Your forms will be processed and you’ll receive the weblink for the course(s). Study required courses and complete tests. A passing score is 70 percent or better. To guarantee your privacy, absolutely no scores will be given over the phone. Your exam results will be mailed directly to you, along with a written assessment. Successful students will receive an appropriate diploma(s), PCA Medal and will be featured on our website.

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  • Who is behind the development of these courses?

    PCA-edu courses give you an edge in the industry by providing knowledge from hospitality professionals. You are guaranteed materials that are practical, relevant, up-to-date, and reflect the very latest thinking.

  • Technical Specifications

    Chances are, if you’re going to register for one of our courses, your computer system and it’s software are prepared for the journey. We do not require any special software downloads or fancy plug-ins to take our courses. We do suggest that you have a compatible Web browser to maximize your educational experience. If at any time you need to contact us regarding your configuration, please drop an email to Technical Support.