Food, Beverage and Equipment Certification by Professionals

PCA Quality Gold Seal Program

Professional Chef’s Association (PCA) | Gold SealUse of the PCA Gold Seal provides great marketability for all products. The Quality Gold Seal can be used in almost every marketing opportunity including packaging, advertising, point of purchase material, and trade show application. Upon passing the testing evaluation process, PCA will provide digital artwork for the PCA Quality Gold Seal. You may use our PCA Chef Testing Panel’s critiques, notes and comments for your advertisement purpose.


We at the Profesional Chefs Asociation will help market your product(s) through:

  • Full page advertisement on our website:
  • Monthly e-mail flyers to restaurant executives with your company and Quality Gold Seal product(s) information
  • VIP Invitation to our regional PCA Trade shows and Conferences
  • Colaboration with our PCA member currently 3,500 strong

Once your product(s) is evaluated you may use the Quality Gold Seal for all your marketing needs. The Gold Seal can be used for packaging, advertising, point of purchase material, trade show application and your website design. We will provide digital artwork for the PCA Quality Gold Seal.

Program Details:

Certification and Licensing Fees:

  • Cost is $2,40 per item any aditonal items are $ 40 each. This will cover the testing and licensing fee for one year.
  • We offer a discount for more than 12 products
  • There wil be a licensing fee of $250 per item, for each aditonal year of usage.

We at the Professional Chefs Association will help market your product(s) through:

  • Advertisement on our website:
  • Discounts at our Regional Trade Shows and Culinary Salons Of Excellence.
  • Collaboration with our PCA members, curently at 3,500 and growing.

Food, Beverage and Equipment products are evaluated by our Prestigious Chefs Testing Panel, in their own kitchens using the following guidelines (may vary depending on product(s):

  • Application: usage, packaging, label, truth in advertisement, claims, guarantes …
  • Physical Properties: consistency, color, apearance, texture, taste, aroma, feel, freshness, shape, size…
  • Performance: safety, recipe, service procedures, cost versus value…

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